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Professional Services, retail and small business 

Starting at $204.00
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For Print Only, your ad will appear in the California section

  • Publishes Daily in Black & white with multiple sizes, designs and photo options available

For Print + Online, you get all of the above plus online placement on

  • Online ad on with business, news and sports content on
  • Choice of two impressions tiers 100,000 impressions over 3 days or 150,000 over 7 days
  • Ad will be posted 4 days after ad submission
  • Two sizes available: Cube (300x250 pixels) or Leaderboard (728x90 pixels)
  • Populate content and images in one of our predesigned templates or upload your own ad material
  • Ad will be clickable, driving traffic to your website
  • Multiple designs with photo options available
  • Sample Print Ad
    Sample Print Ad
  • Sample Cube Ad
    Sample Cube Ad
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    Sample Banner Ad
Print Deadlines vary by the day of the week. The calendar used for scheduling your print ad will only display start dates that are not past deadline. Online ads will be posted 4 days after ad submission. The print ad deadlines are as follows:
To see Ad on... Submit By
Sunday Thursday 10AM
Monday Friday 10AM
Tuesday Sunday 10PM
Wednesday Monday 1PM
Thursday Tuesday 1PM
Friday Wednesday 1PM
Saturday Thursday 1PM
Political, Advocacy and Cannabis Advertising

These rates do not apply to Political, Advocacy or Cannabis advertising. These categories have earlier deadlines and a review process.

Contact our advertising team at (213) 237-7499 for information and to place your ad.

Political: Ad with the dominant message or purpose the election or defeat of a candidate or a proposition for public office.

Advocacy: An ad that comments about a public or controversial issue.

Cannabis: An ad that has cannabis references, imagery or information.

About Online Advertising

What is an impression?

  • An impression is when the ad is displayed on the page whether the ad is clicked or not.  A single web page may contain multiple ads.   In such cases, a single page view would result in one impression for each ad displayed.

What is a page view?

  • An individual viewing of a web page by a user, often counted when measuring a web site's popularity

Where will I see my ads?

  • The impressions are tracked and audited.  We can send a report that shows the number of impressions for your ad.

What is LA DMA?

  • LA DMA is defined as the Los Angeles Designated Market Area.  It covers all of Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, Orange and San Bernardino Counties on webpage views.

For Print Ads, multiple sizes, designs and photo options available.

For Online, Cube (300x250 pixels) and Leaderboard (728x90 pixels) sizes available.


Full Run or zoned distribution


  • 61% of users are age 25-54
  • 70% are home owners
  • 23% have portfolios valued at $100K+
  • Median HHI of $85,000


  • Unique Visitors: 17 million
  • Page Views: 158 million
Los Angeles Times reach map: full run
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
Reach details

#1 news platform in Southern California, delivering a larger audience than any local newspapers, websites, TV and radio stations.

Westside / Central / South Bay
Reach details

Westside / Central / South Bay

  • Daily Average Circulation: 428,530

Source: Scarborough Research, Los Angeles, 2016 R1.

To see a detailed map, click here (PDF). 

Full Run
Reach details

Full Run


  • 358,000


  • Male – 54%
  • Female – 46%
  • Median HHI: $ 83,000
  • 88% more likely to have a household income $250K
  • 1 of 3 readers with HHI $100K+
  • 74% are college educated
  • 2.5x more likely to own a home valued $1MM+

Sources: Circulation: Q3 2019 AAM Quarterly report, Demos:  Scarborough LA 2019 R2

To see a detailed map, click here

Orange County / Inland Empire / Southeast
Reach details

Orange County / Inland Empire / Southeast

  • Daily Average Circulation (Monday to Wednesday): 132,000

Source: AAM March 2014 Audit Report, Mon-Wed avg circulation, print only.

To see a detailed map, click here

San Fernando Valley / Ventura / San Gabriel
Reach details

San Fernando Valley / Ventura / San Gabriel

  • Daily Average Circulation (Monday to Wednesday): 122,000

Source: AAM March 2014 Audit Report, Mon-Wed avg circulation, print only.

To see a detailed map, click here is a national powerhouse, attracting over 87 million monthly unique visitors and generating over 180 million monthly page views.  We reach more visitors than top news sites:  BBC, VOX, Bloomberg, Reuters, Time, U.S. News and more.

Source:  Google Analytics, March 2020

Many advertising options are available through our self-service site, however, there are products, categories, sizes and packages that are not available through self-service. Self-service supports small business needs so not all customers qualify through this program. Please reach out to our Advertising Team for general rates as these rates are not published. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us or see our media kit.

Ads are non-refundable after deadline.